Modular Welding Tables




  • Stable Construction
  • The highest quality of workmanship
  • Perfect flatness of the table due to the ability to adjust the surface in three places
  • Hole and slot possibility of tools installation
  • Worktop made of S355J2+N
  • Thickness 15 mm
  • Maximum lifting capacity 1000kg
  • System of holes ø28 in the grid 100 x 100 mm
  • Chamfered holes for easy tool assembly
  • Wheels with supports in additional legs, in staggered versions
  • Adjustable table height in the range of 850 mm - 1150 mm, P=50 mm
  • Tables can b combined freely to extend a working surface
  • Tables reinforced with ribs
  • Milled Board
  • Welding table and tools are produiced with standard ISO 2768-1



PERFECT FLATNESS - thanks to the adjustment of the height of the counter tops by means of spacers, the operator can set the perfect 
working surface of the table. Each surface of each plate is milled.
OPEN-MOUNTED ASSEMBLY OF TOOLS - there are openings in the
SYSTEM 28 in the table (ø 28 in a 100 x 100 mm grid). Our solution is
compatible with the majority of tools which come from our competitors
also operating in this field. For easier assembly of the holes, standard 
holes are made with a phase or a radius. They can be made on both 
sides with the possibility of turning each tabletop
ADJUSTABLE PLATES - you can move them by increasing the working
surface, as well as exchanging them for new ones, which affects the various 
adaption of the table to the currently performed works and longevity of use.
MODULAR ENLARGEMENT OF WORKING AREA - we obtain it by quickly 
joining together many tables in table sets in different directions directly or by 
means of connectors, standard or telescopic with length regulation. The 
operator has the ability to adjust the arrangement of tables depending on the
current location in the production hall. In case there is a need for more positions 
in a simple and quick way, we can divide individual sets of tables into individual
ADJUSTABLE TABLE HEIGHT - range from 850 mm to 1150 mm, stroke every 50 mm. The possibility of adapting the station to your needs, which affects the ergonomics of work for many operators!  adjustable-table-height.jpg
 SINGLE TABLE We offer three standard versions. They are ideal for small scale production or serve as the basis for unlimited expansion of the surface of the welding station  modular-single-table.jpg
 UNFOLDABLE SINGLE TABLE Each table can be unfolded thanks to sliding plates and the use of additional leg.  unfoldable-single-table.jpg
 DOUBLE TABLE The most popular sets and they composed of two single tables. The design of the tables allows expansion in every direction.  modular-double-table.jpg
 KIT WITH A LARGE WORKING SURFACE connection of two unfolded tables by means of connectors are the perfect solution for the spatial construction.  modular-kit-with-large-working-surface.jpg
Modular Welding Tables